Frequently Asked Questions


I’ve compiled a list of the questions I get asked the most often.

Q – Does body need to be taken away immediately after death?
A – No it does not! By law, a body can stay at home for up to 5 days but will need to be cooled during this time.

Q – How is a body kept cool at home?
A – Usually a cold bed is used which can be described as a refrigerated plate that is placed under the deceased person’s body.

Q – Where do I get or hire a cold bed?
A – I have one on order – watch this space as one should arrive shortly!

Q – My family has a lot of conflict and don’t always see eye to eye – what can I do as I don’t want to pass away and leave things undone?
A – You can’t control other people’s reactions or behaviours but I can certainly attempt to improve the communication between you all.

Q – I have of the term ‘Doula’ – what is a Doula and are you a Doula?
A – The word Doula comes from traditions thousands of years old in some cultures where a Doula supports and assists people during childbirth or the dying process. I am what is know commonly known as a ‘Death Doula’ as my focus is the end of life process. In Western societies, death has tended to become medicalised which has often lead to a person or family’s choices being limited during this time.

Thankfully, there is now a greater understanding and support in the medical profession for people wanting to die at home.