“Death is not primarily a medical event. Death is a personal and spiritual event, yet we are largely concerned about preparing for the medical.” 

Dr Ira Byock


Whilst I do agree with this quote – the medical aspects of end of life care do have an enormous impact on the personal and spiritual aspects of life. It is helpful for yourself and your loved ones if you start preparing early with how and what you think of your medical options.

Of course, your Palliative team including Specialists, General Practitioner, Nurses and Allied Health all have very important roles in your life. The end of life conversations you have with your team will be crucial in setting out your views and wishes for that time. They will be one of the biggest factors for you to be free to experience more personal and spiritual aspects during your last days with your loved ones. 

An Advance Planning Directive is a helpful tool for you to consider what are the important medical decisions that will need to be made – and those decisions are best made early on to reduce the burden and pressure of your loved ones trying to make the best possible decisions for you when you are no longer able.  The link to NSW Health for the Advanced Care Directive is – 


And there are other helpful tools for you to read on their website as well. 

Please call me on 0404821779 to talk more about having an Advanced Care Directive. I would like to offer my services for counselling (individual, couple or family groups), support and guidance for you and your loved ones. 


Nina Linder

GrDip(Counselling); BHthSc(Nursing); GrDipClPr(Aged Care)

Registered with the Australian Counselling Association

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